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Gianluca Deflorian
Cogentech (Consortium for Genomic Technologies)
c/o IFOM-IEO Campus Via Adamello, 16
20139 Milan, Italy
Tel.: (+39)02574303819 - Fax.: (+39)02574303222


Goal: the Zebrafish Unit at IFOM-IEO Campus provides campus scientists with a direct access to the zebrafish model system in the form of:
  • stockage and importation of zebrafish mutant and transgenic lines and relevant legal requirements;
  • embryo production;
  • consulence in experimental design;
  • follow up during experiments:
  • training for embryo injection, staging, phenotype characterization;
  • use of equipment and apparatus;
  • vast range of in situ probes and antisera specific for zebrafish;
  • protocols and reagents;
  • advise for imaging of live zebrafish and time-lapse analysis.

We welcome campus scientists who would like to carry out their experiments in zebrafish: they can join us and get trained in the use of this useful model. We will help them to identify the zebrafish orthologs of their genes of interest, design morpholinos for knock down approaches, or constructs for gain of function; develop tests and assays for the specific organ or system that they would like to study. We will make available to these scientists the cancer models that we have generated or acquired from other zebrafish laboratories (a list will be available soon), as well as the transgenic or mutant lines that we have or can import in the facility. We will help them to design and conduct genetic or drug screenings.

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