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The application of genomics knowledge and high-throughput technologies to biomedical research has revolutionized the way diseases, such as cancer, are investigated. We are now in a position to understand and fight cancer at the level of individual genes.

This novel approach to cancer research is known as "ONCOGENOMICS" which aims to identify genes involved in cancer (oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes). The results of oncogenomic research should provide new insights into cancer diagnosis, predicting clinical outcomes, and new molecular targets for anti-cancer therapy.

In recent years, IFOM and IEO have embarked on a concerted investment plan, purchasing instruments and recruiting expert personnel, in order to establish a core technology facility that provides oncogenomic orientated technologies.
This core technology facility, which is shared between the two centres, IFOM and IEO, offers advanced experimental methodologies in nanotechnology (DNA arrays), bioinformatics, robotics, proteomics, structural biology and animal models.


Today, the core technology facility is managed and coordinated by "Cogentech" (Consortium for Genomic Technologies), a consortium created by IFOM and IEO, which serves as a common service for both institutions.
Cogentech also allows external Italian academic institutions access to its facilities, providing equipment, techniques and related know-how, and therefore represents a national reference centre for oncogenomic research.

By identifying novel molecular targets and potential new drugs, this powerful technological structure will contribute significantly to groundbreaking research towards the development of new anti-cancer therapies.

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