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Real time PCR

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coordinator: Loris Bernard

Cogentech (Consortium for Genomic Technologies)
c/o IFOM-IEO Campus
Via Adamello, 16 - 20139 Milan, Italy

staff: Valentina Dall'Olio, Fabio Capra, Domenico Sardella, Laura Tizzoni
Tel. + 39 02 574303-701

COGENTECH (Consortium for Genomic Technologies) provides different types of Facilities. Two of these are the DNA Sequencing and Real Time PCR Services, managed by the same Laboratory.

The Real Time PCR Service is a recent facility. The Unit has started its activity since the beginning of 2003 and is now available for external users.

The staff worked initially with an ABI PRISMŽ 7700 Sequence Detection System. Later on two ABI PRISMŽ 7900HT Sequence Detection Systems joined our laboratory. Recently a Low Density Array (micro fluidic card) upgrade was done on the newest machine, allowing us to work in the 384-assay format.

Our Services

The service is now available to external user at our web site

The Real Time PCR Service aims to help the researchers to obtain the data necessary to carry on their experiments in a fast way, with the minimum loss of time and the maximum quality control.
This Facility processes routinely samples (Services) or applies and develops strategies for specific Projects (to be discussed before). In both cases it can offer:

  • Experience for the analysis of the data
  • Technical or methodological assistance relevant to the technologies its practice.

About the Service
The RealTime (RT) PCR Service uses the very sensitive, accurate and reproducible quantitative PCR technique to measure the levels of gene expression by a Relative Quantitation approach. The typical application is in validation of data coming from Affymetrix experiments or in comparison of the RNA levels between two or more different systems. The service includes:

  • A previous quality test on the cDNA
  • Runs on the ABI PRISM® 7900HT Sequence Detection Systems
  • Results in the exel format, that can be download from our website at our website
About project
Projects include:
  • High-throughput projects: single tube format or micro fluid card
  • Experiment design in not standard conditions
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