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Molecular Pathology Unit

Coordinator: Stefano Confalonieri
Cogentech (Consortium for Genomic Technologies)
c/o IFOM-IEO Campus
Via Adamello, 16 - 20139 Milan, Italy

phone: +39-02574303603

Our Mission

Our goal is to identify novel putative cancer targets for drug discovery, diagnostic and/or prognostic applications.
For this purpose, we use a high throughput screening technology (Tissue Microarrays, TMA) together with in situ detection methods (ISH and IHC) to rapid translate early discoveries into clinical application. TMA allows:
  • Validation of basic research findings, based on rapid and simultaneous analysis of thousands of patient's tissues;
  • Assessment of the prevalence of deregulation of target genes, based on comparative expression analysis between the tumor and the normal counterpart;
  • Identification of new diagnostic and prognostic markers, based on correlation of expression results with clinico-pathological and follow-up data;
  • Optimization of the drug discovery process, based on analysis at a cellular resolution level of human tissues samples representing the disease the drug is developed against.

Our Service

  • Tissue microarrays manufacturing
  • In situ analysis (RNA in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry, FISH, etc)
  • Target validation
  • Technical support
  • Pathology expertise
  • Clinical data correspondence
  • Complete molecular report with image collection and data interpretation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Clinico-pathological and molecular databases
update: November 2010
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