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Mass Spectrometry Unit

Samples submission

Samples are accepted every day, however the processing time varies depending on which instrument is used. We aim to limit analysis time to 1 week.

We provide at no cost to you:
  • reagents needed to minimize the keratin contamination (loading buffer, gel solutions, etc.)
  • pre-casted gels or assistance in the preparation of "free keratins gels" in our facility
  • colloidal coomassie stain

Please contact us if you need any of the above. We will not supply the buffers for silver staining.

We strongly encourage you to consult with us when planning your experiment.
For first time users and anyone who submits large numbers of samples at once (more than 15), it's best if you contact the facility prior to sample submission to ensure best conditions (contact Paolo Soffientini, )


Guidelines for Authorship on Manuscripts (external link)


Indications for Proteomics sample submission/prep

Types of sample identification performed at the Proteomics Facility
update: Oct 2010
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