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DNA Sequencing

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coordinator: Sara Volorio, Tel. + 39 02 574303-210
supervisor: Loris Bernard, Tel. + 39 02 574303-701

Cogentech (Consortium for Genomic Technologies)
c/o IFOM-IEO Campus
Via Adamello, 16 - 20139 Milan, Italy

staff: Mirko Riboni, Filomena (Milena) Ficarazzi, Stefano Fortuzzi, Valeria Pensotti e Frederique Mariette.

Cogentech (Consortium for Genomic Technologies) provides different types of Facilities. Two of these are the DNA Sequencing and Real Time PCR Services, managed by the same Laboratory.

The DNA Sequencing Unit was created in 2000, but it has been available for users outside the Institute only since June 2004.

Initially the Staff worked with two Li-Cor 4200 Sequencers (Li-Cor Biosciences). Afterwards one ABI PRISMŽ 377 DNA Sequencer was added. One year later, two ABI PRISM 3100 genetic Analyzer replaced all those instruments.
Recently a 3730XL DNA Analyzer, upgraded to 96 capillaries, was introduced in our laboratory: this allowed us to open the Service to users outside our Institute. Now the Service uses this new instrument and only one 3100 genetic Analyzer.

Our Services

The service now available to external user at our web site

The DNA Sequencing Service aims to help the researchers to obtain the data necessary to carry on their experiments in a fast way, with the minimum loss of time and the maximum quality control.
This Facility processes routinely samples (Services) or applies and develops strategies for specific Projects (to be discussed before). In both cases it can offer:

  • Experience for the analysis of the data
  • Technical or methodological assistance relevant to the technologies its practice.

About the Service
The Service includes:

  • Single- pass sequencing
  • Automated fluorescent dye-terminator sequencing runs on ABI PRISM 3100 genetic Analyzer or 3730XL DNA Analyzer
  • Most common universal primers
  • Sequence traces of a length on an average of 600bp
  • Results that you can download from our website
Any user can submit a request to the Service by filling in a query form, available at our web page, after logged in.

About projects
Projects include:

  1. High-throughput 96-well format plates sequencing
  2. Mutations and SNPs Analysis
  3. Libraries Screening
  4. Full-length sequencing (primer walking strategy)
  5. EST sequencing

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