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Support Units

Kitchen Unit

Sergio Cattadori
c/o IFOM-IEO Campus, building 3/4
Via Adamello, 16
20139 Milan, Italy
Phone +39 02.574.303.213

Preparation and production of solutions, media, antibiotics, plates by using protocols from MOLECULAR CLONING, Current Protocols in CELL BIOLOGY.


Sterilization of solid laboratory material, glass and plastic.
Sterilization of liquids.

Utilized machines
2 FEDEGARI FVA, with cycle control systems according to Pharmacopea rules, validation of bacteriological and chemical cycles.

5 LANSER 1600 washing machines.
Acid/base mechanical wash with demineralized water.
Wash and assistance on all laboratory material.
Preparation and distribution of disposable material to the laboratories .

Stock room
Receiving, stocking, and delivering materials and products at the appropriate temperature.
Distribution of dry ice to the laboratories.
Control and inventory for the stocked common material.
Waste disposal and aid on all laboratory material.

Armadi (.pdf, 50 Kb) Inflammable acids (.pdf, 34 Kb)
Nitrogen room (.pdf, 28 Kb) Plates (.pdf, 29 Kb)
Powders (.pdf, 132 Kb) Reagents (.pdf, 32 Kb)
Solutions (.pdf, 34 Kb)  
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