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Support Units

Grants Office IEO

c/o IFOM-IEO Campus, building 11
Via Adamello, 16
20139 Milan, Italy

Ilaria Foti, Head of Unit
T. +39 02 574 89 295,

Lucia Sorrenti
T. +39 02 574 89 336,

Daniele Calasso
T. +39 02 574 89 012,

Elena Ottina
T. +39 02 943 72 050,


The Grants Office provides administrative support for IEO research activities and acts as a liaison between its researchers and sponsoring agencies.

It is a central source of information on major national and international agencies, foundations, and institutions that support research and scholarship, and assists researchers in identifying appropriate research funding opportunities.

It provides assistance to researchers in the preparation of applications, developing proposal narratives and budgets, completing the application forms and interpreting the regulations of the granting agencies, assuring compliance with the sponsors policies and requirements.

It negotiates the terms and conditions of awards of successful proposals and provides support for the administration of research grants, including funding allocation, monitoring research expenditures and producing financial statements.

It manages research contracts, preparing, whenever necessary, subcontracts or consortium agreements with collaborating institutions, and acts as administrative contact point on multicentric research projects.

It collaborates with the IEO Budget Control Unit for year-end accounts and financial forecasting of research income data.

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