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Alberto d'Onofrio


Alberto d'Onofrio


Selected publications

  • A. d'Onofrio
    Multifaceted aspects of the kinetics of immunoevasion from tumor dormancy
    In: Heiko Enderling , Nava Almog, and Lynn Hlatky (Editors)
    Systems Biology of Tumor Dormancy.
    Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Vol. 734
    Springer Verlag
    ISBN 978-1461414445
  • A. d’Onofrio, Spatiotemporal effects of a possible chemorepulsion of tumor cells by immune system effectors,
    Journal of Theoretical Biology 296 (2012) 41–48
  • Alberto d'Onofrio, Urszula Ledzewicz and Heinz Schaettler
    "Tumor Development under Combination Treatments with Anti-Angiogenic Therapies" in "Mathematical Methods and Models in Biomedicine" (editors: A. Friedman, E. Kashdan, U. Ledzewicz, H. Schaettler) and it will appear by Springer-Verlag in 2012.
  • G. Caravagna (eq. contr.), R. Barbuti and A. d'Onofrio (eq. contr and corr. auth.)
    Fine-tuning anti-tumor immunotherapies via stochastic simulations
    BMC Bioinformatics 2012, 13(Suppl 4):S8
  • D. Alterio, B. A Jereczek-Fossa, M. Griseri, Alberto d'Onofrio et al.
    Three-dimensional conformal postoperative radiotherapy in patients with parotid tumors:
    10 years' experience at the European Institute of Oncology.
    Tumori, 97: 328-334, 2011
  • A. d'Onofrio (Corr. Auth.) and A. Ciancio,
    Simple biophysical model of tumor evasion from immune system control
    Physical Review E 84, 031910 (2011) [8 pages]
    DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.84.031910
  • F. Bertolini, P. Marighetti, I. Martin-Padura, P. Mancuso, D. D. Hu-Lowe, Y. Shaked, and A. d'Onofrio
    Anti-VEGF and beyond: shaping a new generation of anti-angiogenic therapies for cancer
    Drug Discovery Today (2011), doi:10.1016/j.drudis.2011.08.007
  • B. A. Jereczek-Fossa, E. Rondi, A. Zarowski, A. d'Onofrio and D. Alterio, et al.
    Prospective study on the dose distribution to the acoustic structures during postoperative 3D conformal radiotherapy for parotid tumors, Dosimetric and audiometric aspects.
    Strahlentherapie und Onkologie 187, 350-356, DOI: 10.1007/s00066-011-2170-5
  • Alberto d'Onofrio (Corresponding Author), Antonio Fasano, and Bernardo Monechi
    A generalization of Gompertz law compatible with the Gyllenberg-Webb theory for tumour growth
    Mathematical Biosciences (2011), doi: 10.1016/j.mbs.2011.01.001
  • Alberto d'Onofrio (Corresponding Author), Piero Manfredi, and Piero Poletti
    The impact of vaccine side effects on the natural history of immunization programmes: An imitation-game approach
    Journal of Theoretical Biology, Volume 273, Issue 1, 21 March 2011, Pages 63-71 doi:10.1016/j.jtbi.2010.12.029
  • A d'Onofrio (corr. auth.) and A. Gandolfi
    Resistance to antitumor chemotherapy due to bounded-noise-induced transitions
    Physical Review E 82, Art.n. 061901 (2010)
  • A. d'Onofrio (corr. auth.) and A. Gandolfi
    Chemotherapy of vascularised tumours: role of vessel density and the effect of vascular pruning
    Journal of Theoretical Biology 264, 253-265 (2010)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Tumour evasion from immune system control as bounded-noise induced transition
    Physical Review E 81, art.n. 021923 (2010)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Selkov model suggests the uniqueness of Glycolytic oscillations
    The Journal of Mathematical Chemistry 48, 339-346 (2010)
  • G. Caravagna (equal contributor and corr. auth.), A. d'Onofrio (equal contributor), P. Milazzo and R. Barbuti
    Tumour suppression by Immune system through stochastic oscillations
    Journal of Theoretical Biology 264, 336-345 (2010)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Globally attractive oscillation in open monosubstrate allosteric enzyme reaction
    The Journal of Mathematical Chemistry, doi:10.1007/s10910-010-9757-4
  • A. d'Onofrio
    On the interaction between the Immune System and an exponentially replicating Pathogen
    Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 7, 579-602 (2010)
  • C. Cattani, A. Ciancio and A. d'Onofrio (corr. auth.)
    Metamodeling the learning-hiding competition between tumours and immune system: a kinematic approach
    Mathematical and Computer Modelling 52, 62-69 (2010)
  • A. d'Onofrio (corr. auth.), F. Gatti, P. Cerrai and L. Freschi
    Delay-induced Oscillatory dynamics of Tumor-Immune System Interaction
    Mathematical and Computer Modelling 51, 572-591 (2010)
  • A. d'Onofrio (corr. auth.) and P. Manfredi
    Rational exemption to vaccination based on informations on the occurrence of vaccine-related side effects
    Journal of Theoretical Biology 264, 237-252 (2010)
  • B. Buonomo, A. d'Onofrio (corr. auth.) and D. Lacitignola
    Information dependent vaccinating behavior for SIS infectious diseases
    Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 7, 561-578 (2010)
  • P. Manfredi, P. della Posta, A. d'Onofrio, E. Salinelli, F. Centrone, C. Meo and P. Poletti
    Rational Exemption, Vaccination choices and vaccination games: an appraisal
    Vaccine 28 : 98-109 (2010)
  • A. d'Onofrio (corr. auth.), A. Gandolfi and A. Rocca
    The cooperative and nonlinear dynamics of tumor-vasculature interaction suggests low-dose, time-dense antiangiogenic schedulings
    Cell Proliferation 42 , 317-329, 2009 (DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2184.2009.00595.x)
  • C. Robertson, C. Mazzetta and A. d'Onofrio
    Regional Variation and Spatial Aggregation
    chapter of P. Boyle and M. Smans (Eds.) The Atlas of Cancer Mortality in European Union and European Economic Area 1993-1997, WHO Press (2009)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Cellular growth: linking the mechanistic to the phenomenological modeling and vice-versa.
    Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 41 (2009) 875–880 (DOI:10.1016/j.chaos.2008.04.014)
  • A. d'Onofrio (corr. auth.) and A. Gandolfi
    A family of models of angiogenesis and anti angiogenesis therapy
    Mathematical Medicine and Biology 26: 63 - 95 (2009)
  • A. d'Onofrio (corr. auth.) and P. Manfredi
    Information-dependent changes in contact patterns may trigger oscillations in endemic diseases
    Journal of Theoretical Biology 256: 473-478 (2009)
  • A. d'Onofrio, U. Ledzewicz, H. Maurer and H. Schaettler
    On Optimal Delivery of Combination Therapy for Tumors
    Mathematical Biosciences 222: 13-26 (2009), 141-153
  • A. d'Onofrio (corr. auth.) and P. Cerrai
    A bi-parametric phenomenologic model for the tumor angiogenesis and anti-angiogenesis therapy
    Mathematical and Computer Modelling 49 1156-1163 (2009)
  • Urszula Ledzewicz, Heinz Schaettler and Alberto d'Onofrio
    Optimal Control for Combination Therapy in Cancer
    Proceeedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control CDC 2008, pages 1537-1542, IEEE Press (2009)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Noisy oncology: some caveats in using Gaussian Noise in Mathematical models of Chemotherapy
    in E. Venturino and R. Hoskings (eds) "Aspects of mathematical modeling: Applications in Science, Medicine, Economics and Managements", Series "Mathematics and Biosciences in Interaction", Birkauser (2008)
  • B. Jereczek-Fossa, A. Kowalczyk, A. d'Onofrio, G. Catalano, C. Garibaldi, G. boboc, M.C. Leonardi, R. Cambria and R. Orecchia
    Three-Dimensional Conformal or Stereotactic Reirradiation of Recurrent, Metastatic or New Primary Tumors
    Strahlentherapie und Onkologie 184 36-40 (2008)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Metamodeling tumor-immune system interaction, tumor evasion and immunotherapy
    Mathematical and Computer Modelling 46 614-637 (2008)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Fuzzy oncology: application of fuzzy bifurcations to modeling antitumor chemotherapy
    Applied Mathematics Letters 21 662-668 (2008)
  • Alberto d'Onofrio
    Comments to 'Epidemic spreading on heterogeneous networks with identical infectivity'
    [Yang et al., Phys. Lett. A 364, 189-193 (2007)] (this comment in reality contains new results on network based epidemic models) Physics Letters A 372 1722-1724 (2008)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    The global behavior of the network-based SIS epidemic model
    Nonlinear Analysis – Real World Applications 9 1567-1572 (2008)
  • B. Buonomo, A. d'Onofrio and D. Lacitignola
    Global stability of an SIR epidemic model with information dependent vaccination
    Mathematical Biosciences 216 (2008) 9-16
  • A. d'Onofrio (corr. auth.), P. Manfredi and E. Salinelli
    Dynamical effects of information-dependent vaccination patterns for fatal diseases
    Mathematical Medicine and Biology 25: 337 - 357 (2008).
  • A d'Onofrio (corr. auth.) and I P M Tomlinson
    A nonlinear mathematical model of cell renewal, turnover and tumorigenesys in colon crypts
    Journal of Theoretical Biology 244 367-374 (2007)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Rapidly acting antitumoral antiangiogenic therapies
    Physical Review E 76 (3): Art. No. 031920 (2007)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Tumor Evasion from Immune Control: strategies of a MISS to become a MASS
    Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 31 261-268 (2007)
  • D. Alterio, B. A. Jereczeck-Fossa, B. Franchi, A. d'Onofrio, V. Piazzi, E. Rondi, M. Ciocca, B. Gibelli, E. Grosso, N. Tradati, L. Mariani, G. Boboc and R. Orecchia
    Thyroid disorders in patients treated with radiotherapy for head and neck cancer: a retrospective analysis of seventy-five patients
    International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology and Physics 67 144-150 (2007)
  • A. d'Onofrio, P. Manfredi and E. Salinelli
    Vaccinating behaviour, information, and the dynamics of SIR vaccine preventable diseases
    Theoretical Population Biology 71 301-317 (2007)
  • Debora Beldì, Barbara A. Jereczek-Fossa, Alberto D'Onofrio, Giuseppina Gambaro Maria Rosaria Fiore, Francesco Pia, Fausto Chiesa, Roberto Orecchia and Marco Krengli
    Role of Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Cervical Lymph Node Metastases from Unknown Primary Site. Retrospective Analysis of 113 Patients.
    International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 69 1051-1058 (2007)
  • A. d'Onofrio, P. Manfredi and E. Salinelli
    Bifurcation thresholds in a SIR model with information-dependent vaccination
    Mathematical Modeling of Natural Phenomena 2 23-38 (2007)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    On a family of models of Cell Division Cycle
    Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 27, 1205-1212 (2006)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    The role of the proliferation rate of effectors in the tumor-immune system competition
    Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences 16, 1375-1401 (2006)
  • A. d'Onofrio (corr. auth.) and A. Gandolfi
    The response to antiangiogenic anticancer drugs that inhibit endothelial cell proliferation
    Applied Mathematics and Computation 181 (2006) 1155–1162
  • A. Swierniak, G. Gala, A. Gandolfi and A. d'Onofrio
    Optimization of Antiangiogenic Therapy as Optimal Control Problem
    Biomech 2006 - Proceedings of The Fourth IASTED International Conference on Biomechanics, Editor: Manuel Doblar´, Acta PRess, 2006, pp 81-84
  • B A Jereczek-Fossa, F Cattani, A d'Onofrio, A Kowalczyk, R Cambria, A Vavassori, G B Ivaldi, O DeCobelli, R Orecchia
    Dose Distribution in 3-Dimensional Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer: comparison of two treatment techniques (six coplanar fields and two dynamic arcs)
    Radiotherapy and Oncology 3 294-302 (2006)
  • A. Swierniak, A. d'Onofrio, A. Gandolfi
    Control Problems Related to Tumor Angiogenesis
    in Proceeding of IECON 2006, IEEE Press (2006) 677-68
  • A. d'Onofrio
    On Pulse Vaccination Strategy in SIR models with Vertical Transmission
    Applied Mathematics Letters 18 pp 729-732 (2005)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Vaccination policies and non-linear force of infection: generalization of an observation by Alexander and Moghadas
    Applied Mathematics and Computation 168 pp 613-622 (2005)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Periodically varying antiviral therapies: conditions for global stability of the virus free state
    Applied Mathematics and Computation, 168, 945-953 (2005)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Biomathematical Analysis and extension of the new class of epidemic models proposed by Satsuma et al.
    Applied Mathematics and Computation 170 (2005) 125-134 (2004)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Prides and prejudices in the relationships between bio-mathematicians and biomedical researchers: a tale of two misbehaviors
    D.Aquilano, M. Bezzi, V. CapassoA. Micheletti (eds.), Industry Days 2003/2004 - Proceedings of the MIRIAM International Workshops in Applied Mathematics, 2005
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Mathematical Analysis of the Tyson’s model of the cell division cycle
    Nonlinear Analysis, (62), 817-831 (2005)
  • A. d'Onofrio
    A general framework for modeling tumor-immune system competition and immunotherapy: analysis and medical inferences
    Physica D 208, 220-235, (2005)
  • A d'Onofrio (corr. auth.) and A Gandolfi
    Tumor eradication by antiangiogenic therapy: analysis and extension of the model by Hahnfeldt et al (1999)
    Mathematical Biosciences, 191, n2, pp 159-184 (2004)
  • A. Bertuzzi, A. d'Onofrio, A. Fasano, A. Gandolfi
    Modelling cell populations with spatial structure: steady-state and treatment-induced evolution of tumor cords
    Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Series B Vol 4 n.1 (2004)
  • A d'Onofrio
    Mixed Pulse Vaccination Strategy in epidemic models having realistic distributions of infectious and latent periods
    Applied Mathematics and Computation 151(2004) pp 161-167
  • A d'Onofrio
    Globally stable vaccine-induced eradication of horizontally and vertically transmitted infectious diseases with periodic contact rates and disease-dependent demographic factors in the population
    Applied Mathematics and Computation, Vol. 140/2-3, pp. 537-547, (2003)
  • B Jereczek-Fossa, C Garibaldi, G Catalano, A d'Onofrio, M Ciocca, F de Paoli and G Orecchia
    Analysis of mandibular dose distribution in radiotherapy for oropharingeal cancer
    Radiotherapy and Oncology, 66 (2003) pagg. 49-56
  • A. Bertuzzi, A. d'Onofrio, A. Fasano, A. Gandolfi
    Regression and regrowth of tumour cords following single-dose anticancer treatment
    Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, (2003) 65, 903-931
  • A. d'Onofrio
    Pulse Vaccination Strategy in the SIR epidemic model in presence of Vaccine, Failures
    Mathematical Modelling and Computing in Biology and Medicine: proceedings of the fifth Conference of the European Society of Mathematical & Theoretical Biology 2002V. Capasso ed., (2003) pag 450-456
  • Boyle P, d'Onofrio A, Maisonneuve P, Severi G, Robertson C, Tubiana M. and Veronesi U.
    Measuring Progress Against Cancer in Europe. Has the 15% Decline targeted for 2000 come about ?
    Annals of Oncology, vol 14, pag 1312-1325 (2003)
  • Quinn MJ, d'Onofrio A, Møller B and Black R, Martinez-Garcia C, Møller H, Rahu M, Robertson C, Schouten LJ, La Vecchia C, Boyle P
    Cancer Mortality Trends in the EU and Acceeding Countries to 2015
    Annals of Oncology pag 1148-1152 (2003)
  • A. d'Onofrio (corr. auth.) and E. Pourabbas
    The Modelling of Static and Temporized Thematic Maps
    A.C.M. S.I.G.M.O.D. Record, vol 32, No. 2 - June 2003, pag 34-41
  • A d'Onofrio,
    Stability property of Pulse Vaccination Strategy in SEIR epidemic model
    Mathematical Biosciences, 179/1 (2002) pp. 57-72
  • A d'Onofrio
    Pulse Vaccination Strategy in SIR epidemic model: global stability, vaccine failures and double vaccinations
    Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 36/4-5, (2002), pp. 461-478.
  • E. Pourabbas, A. d'Onofrio, M. Rafanelli
    A Method to estimate the incidence of communicable diseases under seasonal fluctuations with applications to cholera
    Applied Mathematics and Computation, 118/2-3 (2001) pp 161-174
  • A d'Onofrio (corr. author) and E. Pourabbas
    Temporal Thematic Map Modelling
    ACM-GIS 2001, Proceedings of the Ninth ACM International Symposium on Advances in Geographic Information Systems, Atlanta, GA, USA, November 9-10, 2001, pag 15-22, ACM Press (2001)
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