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Systems Biomedicine

Alberto d'Onofrio


Alberto d'Onofrio



Prof. Alberto Gandolfi and Prof. Sandro Bertuzzi
Institute of Systems Analysis and Computer Science of National Research Council

Prof. Piero Manfredi
Department of Economy and Mathematics Applied to Economy of Pisa university

Dr. Malay Banerjee
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur (India)

Prof. Roberto Barbuti, Dr. Paolo Milazzo and Giulio Caravagna MSc
Department of Computer Sciences of Pisa University

Dr. Bruno Buonomo
Department of Mathematics of Naples University

Prof. Paola Cerrai
Department of Mathematics of Pisa University

Prof. Mark Chaplain
Division of Mathematics of University of Dundee (UK)

Dr. A. Ciancio
Department of Mathematics of Messina university

Dr. F. Farsaci
Institute of Physical-Chemical Processes, National Research Council, Messina

Prof. Antonio Fasano
Department of Mathematics, University of Florence

Dr. Deborah Lacitignola
Department of Health and Motory Sciences of Cassino University

Prof. Urszula Ledzewicz
Department of Mathematics of Southern Illinois University (USA)

Prof. Ernesto Salinelli
Department of Economy and Quantitative Methods of East-Piedmont University

Prof. Heinz Schaettler
Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering of “Goerge Washington” University at St. Louis (USA)

Dr. Paolo Ubezio
Biophysics Unit of the Pharmacological Institute “Mario Negri”, Milano

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